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Section 3 Fingerprinting Procedure

All Section 3 sports officials are required to be fingerprinted.  Assignors may only assign officials who have been fingerprinted and cleared per New York State Education Department (NYSED) guidelines, have submitted a Fingerprint Request form to the Section 3 office, and are listed on this website as a cleared official.  

*Please Note: As of October 2016 The OSPRA102 FORM IS NO LONGER IN USE. You must fill out the "Fingerprint Request" form. Please read all instructions:

1. Sports officials must first establish a TEACH account through the New York State Education Department's TEACH Online Services System. Go to:

2. Fingerprinting is now done through MorphoTrust, a statewide vendor managed system. Fingerprinting is no longer offered through BOCES or school districts. To find locations and schedule an appointment, go to: and click on New York State on the map, or         call (877)472-6915.  

3. The MorphoTrust system will ask for an ORI Number. NYSED uses a code (which is easier to remember) rather than a number. The NYSED code is: TEACH.

4. Once an official has been fingerprinted, or if the official is an employee of a NYS school district and has been fingerprinted for that position, a    Fingerprint Request form needs to be submitted to the Section 3 office.  A copy of this form can be found below.

5. After the Fingerprint Request form is submitted to the Section 3 office (Section 3 Athletics, 4983 Brittonfield Parkway, Suite 201, East Syracuse, New York 13057) clearance will be verified with Jefferson-Lewis BOCES, and the official's name will be added to the website. This list will be updated at least monthly, more often if possible.

6. If an official's fingerprint clearance is denied by the NYSED, that official will be suspended until the case is reviewed and the official is cleared.

7. Subsequent arrest notices will be sent from NYSED to the Jefferson-Lewis BOCES.  Jefferson-Lewis BOCES will notify the official by telephone and letter, and will forward the notices to the Section 3 office.  The official will be suspended immediately, pending investigation.  Officials are responsible for contacting the NYSED Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability to resolve this situation.

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Section 3 Athletics
Section 3 Athletics
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