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Q - I would like to verify the timeline for sport physicals.  The football season starts on August 16th in my Section.  Would a physical that was done last year on August 9, 2009 be acceptable for the fall 2010 season?  Is he eligible to compete for the entire fall season in 2010?

A - Yes, you are correct.  However, the district could always request the student have a new physical examination if the district felt that 15 months was too long of a period of time.  Reference page 96 of the NYSPHSAA 2010-2012 Handbook.

Q - Can you explain the difference between an independent athlete and a combined team?

A -

All competition conducted between schools must only be between or among member schools.  No student is eligible to enter such competition without representing a school.  Only two avenues of action are open to schools wishing to provide opportunity for a single student; they are 1) establish their own program, or 2) seek to form a single team with another school district.


1)   Schools can establish their own program (team), with participating students representing the school that they attend.  As long as the rules of that specific sport are followed, programs (teams) can comprise of a single student or multiple students.  The coach must be approved by the school’s Board of Education.  Schools can share coaches, but may not share student athletes (ex. Swimming or running relay teams).

2)   Schools can choose to combine or merge a team with another district, to form a single team.  One school will serve as the host school, and is responsible for all eligibility and qualifying requirements.  Approval must be received from the league and section.

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