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Q - Can a student athlete play two sports in one season?

A - Only one of the leagues in Section 3, the Center State League, permits a student athlete to play two sports in one season.  However, the Section 3 Football Committee does not allow any Section 3 football players, regardless of league affiliation, to play another sport during the football season. 

Q - Can a fifth year student compete in our athletic program if they are under the age of 19?

A - According to the Commissioner's Duration of Competition Regulation, a student athlete has 4 consecutive seasons of eligibility upon entry in to the 9th grade.  Exceptions may be approved if it is proven by the Chief School Officer to Section 3 that an accident, illness or similar circumstances beyond the control of the student prevented the student from attending school during that sport season.

Q - We have a learning disabled youngster who has participated in wrestling.  Next year he will be 19 years old.  Can a special waiver be granted?

A - No.  The Commissioner of Education has been consistent in limiting athletic participation to four consecutive years after entering the 9th grade until the student reaches the age of 19.  It is permitted for a student who attains the age of 19 on or after July 1 to continue to participate during that year.

Q - Two students who are home schooled want to participate in our athletic program.  May they?

A - No.  Home-instructed students are not eligible to participate in interscholastic sports - Section 135.4 (2) (7) of the Commissioner's Regulations directs that a participant in interscholastic sports must be enrolled in the public school.

Q - Last year a female student was approved to participate on a boys' team under the guidelines of Mixed Competition.  Does the student need to be evaluated each year?

A - Yes, the evaluation is only good for one year.  The reason for this is primarily safety, since a student's athletic profile could change dramatically from one year to the next year.

Q - Our school has a foreign exchange student who is not with a CSIET approved program.  What does this student need to do in order to play a sport at our school? 

A - Students with a foreign exchange program that is not CSIET approved are subject to the NYSPHSAA Transfer Rule.  They cannot have played that specific sport in their home country at a level equal to or greater than our high school level.  If they want to play any other sport, they are clear to do so, after approval from the Section 3 Transfer Committee.  CSIET approved program students are granted eligibility for all sports.

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