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Message from Pat Spadafore,
Coaches—We are sending out our pre-season form by email this year. Please click on the link below, fill out the form, include your roster and schedule, and hit submit.

ALL scores must be called in or emailed in to
To report a score you have two options:
1.       Email results to only
2.       Call 315-470-2152 after 6 p.m. M-F and after 2 p.m. on Saturday
There is no fax machine available
Results should include: goals and assists, goalie saves and goals allowed, shots and corner kicks for both teams.
Please indicate if it is a league game.
Please feel free to add something noteworthy about the game.
Please direct questions to me ( or Charlie Miller (

The following guidelines related to players and uniforms are in place for the cold weather:


No face paint, glitters 

No ribbons. Hair pieces must be one piece soft material (ie: headbands). Underwrap is the only knotted thing allowed. 

Gloves, hats -- do not have to match 

No hats with tassels on them (wear them inside if need be) 

Hooded sweatshirts if worn -- the hoods have to be worn under the shirt 

Undergarments -- 1 - a team may wear any color spandex / under armor -- it does not have to match the uniform colors.  2 - not everyone has to wear the undergarment(s)  3 - arms and legs do not have to be the same color.  4 - Anybody who does wear the undergarment does have to match whatever colors are picked (top and/or bottom) 

Socks should match jersey (dark with dark, light with light)

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