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Girls Tennis

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   Section 3 Girl's Tennis

Welcome to the 2017 season

Chair:  Todd Hicks


 2016 Team Sectional Winners

      F-M      Cazenovia     Westmoreland
   Class A      Class B     Class C


2016 Singles and Doubles State Tournament Players

    Singles     Doubles
Auburn:          Julia Wagner
New Hartford: Sarah Corasanti
Fm:                Kristina Liu

FM:     Katerina Atallah
FM:     Maggie Bonomo
Oneida: Lauren Skibitski
Oneida: Brianna Lauretti
W.Gene: Mikayla Manarra
W.Gene: Katie Vaiu

Section 3 Tennis Committee Members

Center State:  Sauquoit         Linsay Kidder
Frontier League: LowvilleJim Rhodes
OHS Liberty: CazenoviaJennifer Schutzendorf
SCAC - Empire League:   Shelly Connors
SCAC - Metro: FMPhil Rudolph
Tri-Valley:  OneidaTodd Hicks

   Sectional Dates

It is expected that all coaches become familiar with the 2017 Coaches Packet

2017 Team Sectional Dates :

September 29: First Round

October 2: Second Round

October 4: Semi-Finals

October 5: Sectional Seeding Meeting

October 6: Finals

**Rain Dates will be on September 30, October 3rd, October 5th, and October 7th

Individual Sectionals:

October 9th:    Rounds 1-2-3

October 12th:  Sectional Finals

October 16th:  Seeding Meeting

October 17th:  State Qualifiers {Drumlins}

October 19th:  State Qualifiers {Drumlins}

October 27th-30th:  State Tournament

**Rounds 1-2-3 will be outdoors

***State Qualifiers will be played indoors

**State Tournament will be played indoors




The State Tournament will be held on 

October 27th-October 29th

Tri-City Tennis Club

         Albany County

Address944 New London Road, Latham, NY 12110

State Tournament hotel is 

The Century House

t: 518.785.0931 I  f: +1 518 785 3274

Reminder:   Please check back throughout the season for any additional updates.


The Section 3 Tennis Packet was updated on August 30th.  The Tennis Committee voted to decrease the required number of qualifying matches for singles and doubles. 

A word document pertaining to team sectionals was added on September 20th.  

The ‘blue’ highlighted information was added on September 20th.

The Tournament Draw Sheets will be available Wednesday night on September 27th. If all results are updated and submitted by 8:00, there shouldn’t be a problem on getting the drawsheets uploaded by 10:00 PM.

Please see the Documents pertaining to Team Sectionals. 

Team Sectionals: Reminders

1.  Each team should bring 7 cans of tennis balls for each match.  The winner of the match will collect the unopened balls for the upcoming match.

2.  It is the responsibility of the winning coach to submit scores to the Schneider site and to text or email the tournament director soon after the match is completed.

3.  Line-ups should be exchanged prior to the beginning of each match.  

Individual Sectionals:

You do not need to have players sign the “Commitment to Compete” forms.  Each school’s Athletic Director signed a ‘blanket’ form for all athletes.  

All post-season play and tournament bracket results will be posted on the Rick Schneider Website.  

Monday update:

Because of rain, everything will be moved to Tuesday.  Start times will be:

Division I: 9:00 at Skytop

Division III:  11:00 at Skytop

Division II: 9:00 at Utica Parkway

Division IV: 11:00 at Utica Parkway.


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