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Section III Athletics
4983 Brittonfield Parkway
Suite 201
East Syracuse, NY  13057

Telephone:  (315) 451-4588
Fax:  (315) 451-4728

The mission of Section III Athletics is to provide a governing body that shall organize, administer and facilitate the interscholastic athletic program for member schools of Section III of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA).

Section III will receive all communications from parents and other unofficial parties provided they are sent through the school’s Athletic Director or designee. These will be considered informational only, and will not oblige Section III or its Athletic Council to take any action with respect to the communication.

Solution for Parents and Students 

School principals or athletic administrators have always been the first and most preferred contact resource for parents and students. This Section III policy reinforces school personnel as the source to which parents and students must direct their questions. As always, if a school administrator needs assistance in answering a question, they will contact the Section III office for a “final answer” and then pass it along to the parent or student.

Section III understands that parent and student questions are important. We thank you for your understanding and for supporting our commitment to high quality service directly to our member schools, and through schools, to parents and students. This approach will ultimately be best for everyone involved.


The Section III staff receives many calls, e-mails and letters each day. On occasion, callers request to remain anonymous and authors of correspondence choose to remain anonymous. This type of communication is difficult, at best, for your Section III staff to handle. These anonymous communications are seeking specific interpretations on Bylaws and matters of eligibility. In many instances, a complaint is being filed with no way to confirm any information with member schools. It is the policy of Section III for “Anonymous letters sent to the Section III shall be forwarded to the school administrator of the school in question by the Section III Executive Director, with no further action to be taken unless a violation is reported.

Anonymous callers shall be informed that the Section III staff has no authority to act upon anonymous calls.

Appeals - Section III is a membership organization and will only hear formal appeals from its member schools. All notice of appeals requires the member school’s Athletic Director and Superintendent’s signature before the appeal will be considered.

John Rathbun, Executive Director

Dawn Field, Assistant Director/Treasurer

Maureen Compoli, Administrative Assistant

IRS Form 990 is available upon request. 
A copying fee and postage will be charged and must be received prior to receipt of form.

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Section 3 Athletics
Section 3 Athletics
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